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Dan Jones, Managing Director, Healthcomms Consulting, underlines the importance of effective communication in the post-COVID age.

2020 will live long in the memory for all of us and not for good reasons. Our way of life has never changed so dramatically. Life as we knew it might never be the same again. For many of us we will be questioning everything from the daily commute through to the need to be in the office. We have all found new ways of working, new ways of communicating and sharing information, different ways of interacting with colleagues.

For the NHS, the changes have been all consuming. The challenges of managing the COVID-19 crisis at the same time as treating those in need, has forced the NHS to find new ways of working, new ways of communicating with patients and new ways of delivering care.

As we move forward, these changes will continue to take shape. The next twelve months will likely throw up further deviations from usual protocol and additional reforms. January 1st will see the UK end the transition arrangement and formally leave the European Union. This will present huge challenges for businesses as new processes and arrangements are developed. Next year will also see a major piece of legislation in relation to NHS reform, with fundamental changes to the architecture of the NHS likely to take place.

Those of us working alongside Government and the NHS face a new environment to navigate. This requires new ways of communicating, better understanding of what the healthcare system needs, what the priorities are. The fundamental elements of communication have never been more important – understand your audience and deliver a clear, targeted message. For those working in the NHS, the demands of managing COVID-19 and reforming the service will create huge challenges. New ways of working are being developed and solutions sought out.

This change presents a significant opportunity to work alongside the NHS in new ways and promote novel methods of delivering innovative care. Key to achieving this will be the ability to find the right audience and engage them effectively. That is why we have launched Healthcomms UK – to help organisations communicate effectively with NHS and policy makers to ensure we can deliver change that will benefit patients.

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