Healthcomms Consulting believe in a personalised approach to business.

Healthcomms Consulting work with a wide range of organisations with an interest in health and social care policy in the UK. We work with the life sciences industry, patient groups, research charities, representative bodies and the allied healthcare professionals to deliver impactful change.

APPG on Women’s Health

Healthcomms Consulting has provided the secretariat to the APPG since the group’s inception in 2016, working to bring together Parliamentarians, clinicians, patient groups and other interested stakeholders to discuss and make recommendations around women’s healthcare.


APPG on Vascular and Venous Disease

Healthcomms Consulting provides secretariat support to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vascular and Venous Disease (VVAPPG). For close to 10 years, Healthcomms Consulting has worked to promote better standards of care and improved health outcomes for people with vascular and venous disease.

Unplanned Admissions Consensus Committee (UACC)

Healthcomms Consulting founded the UACC over 5 years ago and acts as the secretariat for a committee of engaged and proactive NHS continence specialists. The committee has published three reports on the sharing of best practice in continence care to avoid unplanned admissions to hospitals from urinary tract infections.


Healthcomms Consulting is working with Thermofisher to raise the profile of issues around allergy and auto-immune testing in England.

UK Sepsis Trust

Healthcomms Consulting has worked with the UK Sepsis Trust, industry and parliamentarians to raise the profile of sepsis with decision makers since 2012. This campaign has focused on making sepsis a national priority, and ensuring best practice and awareness across the country.

APPG on Obesity

Healthcomms Consulting has provided the secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity since 2017, working with Parliamentarians, campaigners, clinicians and patients to improve the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Menstrual Health Coalition

Healthcomms Consulting established the Coalition in 2018 with Parliamentarians, leading clinicians and industry. The group is focused on a lobbying campaign to raise the profile of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and women’s health more broadly and improve access to treatment and care.


Healthcomms Consulting provides Medtronic with ongoing support to their Government Affairs function.

Medical Technology Group

Healthcomms Consulting provides the secretariat to the Medical Technology Group, running a wide range of campaigns, events, meetings and public relations, calling for improved access to medical technology for patients.


Healthcomms Consulting works with Insightec to ensure that people with Essential Tremor can have access to therapies on the NHS to reduce its impact on their lives.

Edwards Lifesciences

Healthcomms Consulting supports Edwards in their efforts to improve the sustainability of cardiac healthcare services.

The Royal College of Podiatry

Healthcomms Consulting works with this Allied Health Profession to promote the value of podiatrists and their role in delivering positive health outcomes in communities across the country.

Brain Tumour Research

Healthcomms Consulting works with Brain Tumour Research to ensure there is greater investment to Find A Cure into brain tumours.

Boston Scientific

Healthcomms Consulting works with Boston Scientific to promote improved access to minimally invasive cancer therapies in Parliament.


Healthcomms Consulting provides Ambu with public affairs with support to improve patient care across the NHS.

Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI)

Healthcomms Consulting has worked with ABHI for several years to promote the use of health technologies in the NHS and raise the profile of the HealthTech community amongst decision makers.

APPG on Adult Social Care

Healthcomms Consulting provides the Secretariat to the APPG on Adult Social Care, which works to promote a sustainable future for the reform of social care.


Healthcomms Consulting has worked with AdvaMed for a number of years around an ongoing engagement programme, ensuring that AdvaMed members’ concerns and priorities are raised and discussed with senior stakeholders in Westminster and the NHS.