The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity calls for Government action to solve the ongoing obesity crisis in the UK, through prioritisation of prevention and treatment for people living with obesity.

Image credit the World Obesity Federation.

Since relaunching the group in 2017, Healthcomms Consulting has placed the group at the centre of policy activity on obesity. The group brings together a wide range of stakeholders from the obesity community, including world leading clinicians, patient groups and patients, Local Government Officials, NHS representatives and the life sciences industry in both pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The Group has consistently called for a comprehensive obesity strategy for adults in the UK. This call includes the need to address issues around stigma, shift away from the ‘move more, eat less’ mentality prevalent in obesity thinking and better utilisation of treatment for obesity and access to services.

When the Covid-19 crisis hit, the group was at the forefront of highlighting the particular challenges disproportionate faced by people living with obesity. The group were quick to engage with NHS England and Ministers and highlight these issues. Following this the group had direct input into the Government’s obesity strategy published in July 2020 through meeting with No.10 officials and the development of a top 10 policy wish list.

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